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chair scooter

Pride Repair Tips

  • On Lift Chairs use the up position (lift) to avoid plopping and breaking motor.
  • Lift chair SN # is on a 1 ½ inch sticker on the lower frame at the base of the chair. Roll the chair forward onto the foot rest to inspect. Should be a series of letters and numbers starting with L.
  • Plug directly into an outlet for recharge and using. (Not a power strip)
  • Do not have electronics within 7 feet.
  • Scooters - read the manual on charging and do not leave on charger over 24 hours.
  • Scooter SN # (serial number) is in manual or down by the battery pack. Remove seat to check for SN # or inspected #.
  • Let me check for you to see if “warranty” might still apply in whole or partial.


Action or Loss of Power

  • Lift Chair does not respond
  • Loud Popping on Lift Chair
  • Lack of or poor power to scooter

Probable Cause

  • Check all plugs / Hand Control Failed
  • Possible Motor Failure
  • Battery life is 1 to 2 years

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