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Bio Skin Orthopedic Supports

Cropper Medical, Inc./Bio Skin® designs, manufactures, and markets compression supports, braces, and human performance gear to the orthopedic, sports medicine, and recreational sports markets worldwide. Our products have received wide recognition within the medical and sports communities for design innovation and performance.

Bio Skin® does not slip, bunch up, or bind in the joints. It has excellent memory; i.e., it stretches and returns to its original shape. Bio Skin® offers effective, consistent, and uniform compression from a lighter, thinner, stronger, breathable, hypo-allergenic, and comfortable material that wicks moisture away from the skin. This is important to medical professionals and athletes because increased comfort results in better compliance and performance.

Bio Skin Accessories
Ankle, Back, Foot, Knee, & Performance
Bio Skin Ankle Supports
Trilok™ Ankle Control, Visco Ankle Skin™, Standard Ankle Skin™
Bio Skin Back Support
Standard Back Skin™, Back Skin™ w/Flexible Lumbar Support/Pad, & Back Skin™ w/Lumbar Pad
Bio Skin Compression Shorts
Compression Shorts with Cinch Strap, Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap
Bio Skin Elbow Skins
Tennis Elbow Band, Tennis Elbow Skin™, & Standard Elbow Skin™
Bio Skin Knee Braces & Supports
Hinged Knee Braces, and Knee Skins
Bio Skin Patellofemoral Bracing
Q Lok Brace, Q Brace, and Q Baby Brace
Bio Skin Thigh, Calf, & Shin Supports
Shinsplints Wrap with Pad, Calf Skin™, & Thigh Skin™
Bio Skin Wrist Supports
Cock-Up Wrist Skin™, Thumb Spica, Wrist/Thumb Spica, & Boomerang

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