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Mediactive Orthopedic Supports

Mediactive Orthopedic Supports offer a full line of exceptionally high quality orthopedic products.

Prescription orthopedic supports for the knee, back, elbow, wrist and ankle. Over-the-counter orthopedic supports for the knee, elbow, wrist and ankle.

So from minor pains and joint strains and sprains to lumbar support, hyperextension and instability, we've more than got you covered. Whatever life decides to throw your way.

Mediactive Ankle & Footcare
Seamless Knit Ankle, Neoprene Pull-On Ankle, Stirrup Ankle Brace & Silicone Insoles
Mediactive Back
Lumbar Sacral Support with Double Pull System & Pocket
Mediactive Elbow
Medi-prene Tennis Elbow Straps & Sleeves, Neoprene Tennis Elbow Straps, & Arm Sleeves
Mediactive Knee
Seamless Knit Knee, Neoprene Knee, Medi-prene Wraps, Hinged Knee Supports & Patella Straps
Mediactive Wrist and Thumb
Wrist Braces, Thumb Braces, & Medi-prene Wrist/Thumb Wrap

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