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CEP Sports Compression

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CEP Compression Sportsocks

CEP Sportsocks

CEP leads the market in compression sportswear. With over 50 years experience in medical compression clothing CEP is in a position to develop premium products.

CEP Compression Sportsocks offer MANY ADVANTAGES to every sports activity!

Pre-exercise: Muscle activation and reduction of injury risk.

During exercise: Optimized performance, stabilization (ligaments, tendons and joints are supported), reduced muscle strain (easier to walk: effort is reduced by approx. 5% for the same walking time*), quicker recovery (lactic acid is metabolised more quickly and reserves replenished more quickly).

Post-exercise: Quicker and shorter recovery phase (resting circulation is up to 30% higher with CEP socks**)

Source: *Study conducted by the Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, "Effects of Compression Stockings on Running Performance in Male Runners, "accepted for publication in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, **Study by the Technische Universitat Dresden "External Compression Increases Forearm Perfusion" J Appl Physionl 99: 2337-2344, 2005.


Material Compostion: In CEP walking socks the legs are provided with an optimum amount of oxygen and energy at each step and are reliably protected from the cold just as from heat and sweat. The patented compression ensures a quicker muscle recovery and improved walking stability. Flat seams - especially in the toe are - also prevent blisters and pressure points. The anatomic fit with specially padded areas guarantees a seamless fit and an optimum pressure relief.

Material: 85% polyamide, and 15% spandex. Made in Germany.

Achilles heel support: Additional reinforcement at the achilles heel protects and prevents tendon irritation.

Ventilation channels: Ensure air circulation for comfortable feet.

Padded sole: Specially reinforced sole prevents pressure marks.

Inline seams: Anatomically shaped.


  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • More oxygen
  • More energy
  • Improved metabolisation of lactic acid
  • Quicker recovery
  • Greater precision of movement
  • Reduced blister formation

    The lastest scientific reports show that a certain amount of pressure and pressure progression is required to achieve significant improvements in arterial circulation.


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